Famous Battles


MUSLIMS (All students together – pretending to fight Quraish in slow motion)



After the muslims migrated to Madina, the Quraish decided to take the muslims belongings that was left in Mekkah and sell it. While the Quraish were on their way to sell the muslims belongings, some of the muslims spotted them. This is what started the first battle between the muslims and the quraish. The muslim army was just made of 313 and the quraish army was made up of 1000. Allah sent angels to help the muslims fight. This battle was called BATTLE OF BADR !!! Despite their small number, the muslims won!  The battle of badr ended[ALL STUDENTS STOP FIGHTING]


Since the quraish did not win the first battle, they  were mad and upset wanted to have another one. The quraish this time had 3000 soldiers and the muslims only had 700 soliders. The Prophet Muhammad(S) told some of the muslims to stay ontop of a hill called Uhud and not to leave unless he tells them too and they were to watch for any surprises. During the battle the muslims were initially winning, the muslims who were ontop of Uhud got so excited and left their posts and ran down the hill. When they came down, the Quraish came from behind the hill and attacked the muslims. The muslims lost this battle. This battle was the BATTLE OF UHUD ! The battle of uhud ended.[ALL STUDENTS STOP FIGHTING]


Another battle that was taken with a different strategy is called the Battle of the Ditch(Al Khandaq). The muslims decided to build a huge ditch all around them so no one can get over it. Then when the quraish tried to attack they could not get over it. Later a huge windstorm came and blew away all of the quraishes tents and materials. The quraish after that fled and the muslims won this battle. This was called BATTLE OF AL KHANDAQ ! The battle of Al Khandaq ended.[ALL STUDENTS STOP FIGHTING]

Acting Notes:

Each child gets to pick a character that they would like to act. Then the narrator/teacher reads the play once, like a short story, to the students without them acting. Then the second time it is read to them while they act out what they hear, like a skit, being read to them . The students are to remain quiet while they are acting out the skits.

Teachers and students can get creative when role playing what they hear being read.  Some suggestions on role play are included in the brackets. Feel free to get creative.