Israa and Miraj

Please note that the Israa and Miraj is not a skit, but important to touch upon


Allah knew how much Prophet Muhammad (S) and the muslims were suffering. Prophet Muhammad (S) and his companions were very patient. They had full trust in Allah.   Allah sent Angel Jibril to bring Prophet Muhammad(S) to Heaven. The journey of Prophet Muhammad (S)  going to Heaven is called the Miraj.

Rasulullah (S) rode on the Buraq to travel. The Buraq was an animal from Heaven. He was like a horse with wings.  First Muhammad(S) travelled on the Buraq to Masjid Al-Aqsa in Al-Quds(Jerusalem). He prayed there and ALL the prophets prayed behind him. From al-Quds, he went up to Heaven. There he saw all the prophets. He saw how beautiful Heaven was. He prayed to Allah to give this Paradise to his Ummah.

Then he saw the terrible Hell. He prayed to Allah to save his Ummah from the terrible fire.  Allah called him to His presence. No other human being or angel has ever been there.  Allah spoke to Rasulullah(S) there. Allah gave the gift of Prayer to the Prophet Muhammad(S) for the muslim Ummah. It was first commanded that we pray 50 times a day , but then the prayers got reduced to 5 times a day. Prayer is the Miraj of the Mulsims. Through prayer muslims can meet Allah.

The next day, the muslims learned about Muhammad’s journey to Heaven. They were happy to learn about the Miraj. The Muslims thanked Allah for honoring their Prophet(S), for the gift of prayer, for the gift of the Quran, and for the promise of Heaven.