Life in Madinah




Narrator: This scene takes place in Madinah.

The people of Madinah celebrated the arrival of the Prophet Muhammad (S) by lining the streets of Madina and singing Talaa’ Badru Alayna.

Some of the people were competing with each other to invite the prophet (S) to their homes. Some tried to take the control of his camel[ANSARS/MUHAJEREEN GRAB CAMEL] to lead it towards their own home. The Prophet (S) stopped the people and said let the camel go on its own. The camel was commanded by Allah and started to wander through the streets of Madina.[CAMEL WANDERS THE STREETS]

The camel travelled through Madina with the crowds of people following it. The camel finally stopped on a plot of land belonging to two orphans[CAMEL STOPS]. A deal was negotiated and a price agreed for the land, even though the guardians of the land wanted to gift it to the Prophet (S). The land was purchased and a Masjid was built on that very site. The Prophet (S) himself was involved in the construction of the Masjid. He carried the materials and helped build the Masjid.

Until his living quarters were ready, the prophet (S) had stayed as a guest in Abu Ayub’s house[OPENS ARMS TO WELCOME MUHAMMAD(S) INTO HIS HOUSE]. Abu Ayub lived next to the site of the Masjid and was actually related to Muhammad (S) from his mother’s side. Abu Ayub moved to the upper story of his house with his family during those few days[GOES UPSTAIRS].

With the construction of the Masjid, the Athan (call to the prayer) was also established. There was a discussion about how to call the people to prayer. One of the companions, Abdullah bin Zayd, had a dream during which he was shown the best way to call the people to prayer. He related the dream to the Prophet (S) who said that it was a true dream. Another companion, had the same dream so it was decided that this would be the call to the prayers.

Abdullah bin Zayd taught the words of the Athan to Bilal just as he had heard in the dream. Bilal became the first Mu’azin, the caller to prayer, in Islam.

The prophet (S) suggested that each of the Muhajireen  would be paired with the Ansar[MUHAJEREEN PAIR WITH ANSAR]. Each would become a brother to the other: sharing food, shelter and wealth with each other[SHARE WITH EACH OTHER]. Many of the Muslims of Makkah had left empty handed and were indeed struggling, without shelter, food or family.

Without any hesitation, the Ansar embraced the Prophet’s (S)  instructions and welcomed their new brothers[HUGS].

The Muslims shared everything with each other. They became brothers in faith and whatever little they had was shared between them.


Acting Notes:

Each child gets to pick a character that they would like to act. Then the narrator/teacher reads the play once, like a short story, to the students without them acting. Then the second time it is read to them while they act out what they hear, like a skit, being read to them . The students are to remain quiet while they are acting out the skits.

Teachers and students can get creative when role playing what they hear being read.  Some suggestions on role play are included in the brackets. Feel free to get creative.