Life in Mekkah




Narrator: This scene takes place in Mecca.

​Some of the early people to accept Islam, were from the Prophet Muhammed (S) close family. Khadija [WAVES]/THUMBS UP] was the first person to accept Islam, his freed slave Zaid[WAVES]/THUMBS UP] , his cousin Ali ibn Abu Talib[WAVES]/THUMBS UP] , and his friend Abu Bakr[WAVES]/THUMBS UP] . Also later Yassir, Ammar, and Sumaya accepted Islam.

​During the first three years of revelation the muslims prayed in secret[GROUP OF MUSLIMS TIP TOE AND PRAY IN SECRET]. But eventually Quraish found out and then they started torturing them[GROUP OF MUSLIMS PRETENDING TO BE IN PAIN AND TORTURED]. Sumaya was the first person to die for the sake of Allah, she was stabbed by Abu Jahl.

​In the fourth year, the Prophet Muhammad(S) gave permission for some of the muslims to migrate to Ethopia[GROUP OF MUSLIMS TRAVEL TO ETHOPIA]. There Al Najashi, the king of Ethopia, welcomed them[AL NAJASHI OPENS ARMS WIDE]. The Quraish tried to send someone to tell Al Najashi to send the muslims back to Mekkah, but Al Najashi did not agree[AL NAJASHI CROSSES ARMS AND SHAKES HEAD NO] and offered them protection

In the 6th year after the revelation came down, Hamza and Umar accept Islam. Since Hamza and Umar were very strong[FLEX MUSCLES] people, the muslims started to pray openly and together[GROUP OF MUSLIMS START TO PRAY OPENLY] in the Kabah, after their acceptance of Islam.

​Between the 7th and 10th year after revelation, the Quraish made the life of the Muslims really miserable. The drove them out of Mekkah and boycotted them from any business or family relationship[MUSLIMS BEND OVER IN PAIN]. The muslims were not allowed to buy or sell anything and became very hungry[MUSLIMS BEND OVER IN PAIN]. This was the hardest time in the Prophet Muhammad (S) life.

​In the 10th year, which is also know was the year of sadness, his uncle Abu Talib[FALLS ON THE FLOOR] and his wife Khadija died[FALLS ON THE FLOOR].


Acting Notes:

Each child gets to pick a character that they would like to act. Then the narrator/teacher reads the play once, like a short story, to the students without them acting. Then the second time it is read to them while they act out what they hear, like a skit, being read to them . The students are to remain quiet while they are acting out the skits.

Teachers and students can get creative when role playing what they hear being read.  Some suggestions on role play are included in the brackets. Feel free to get creative.