Migration to Madinah


MUHAJEREEN(A group of travelers to Madina)
ANSARS (A group of people already living in Madina)



Narrator: This scene starts out in Mecca and then ends in Madinah.

The prophet gave permission to the muslims to migrate to Madinah, at first only a group of them went[MUHAJEREEN TRAVEL TO MADINAH]. The prophet Muhammed(S) and Abu Bakr stayed behind.

It was then that the Quraish decided to kill the Prophet Muhammed. They gathered around his house and were waiting for him to come out. News of their plan to kill him reached the prophet(S) and they decided to have Ali Ibn Abi Talib sleep in his bed.[ALI GOES AND SLEEPS IN BED]

The Quraish came and surrounded his house. The Prophet Muhamemd (S) escaped by reciting some quran and blowing some dust towards the Quraish. When he left the Quraish who were standing outside did not seem him and Abu Bakr was waiting for him[ABU BAKR OUTSIDE HOUSE WAITING FOR HIM].

On their way to Madina, they took the long way towards Yemen[TRAVELING TOWARDS YEMEN] so it would be harder to find them. On their way there they stopped at Cave Thawr, they stayed there for 3 days[HIDE IN CAVE]. The Quraish sent people to look for the Prophet Muhammad(S) and Abu Bakr. They were even people who were looking for the Prophet Muhammad(S) who made it to the cave that they were hiding in, but Allah had a spider build its web on the cave and a bird had its nest next to the cave, so they said there is no way that they could be in there without breaking the web or having the bird fly away. The people who were looking for Abu Bakr and the Prophet Muhammad(S) turned around and left.

Abu Bakr and the prophet Muhammed (S) finally reached Madina[ARRIVED IN MADINA] , and were greeted by the Ansars who were singing(Tala al Badru Alayana) excitingly waiting their arrival.[ANSARS SINGING TALA AL BADRU ALAYANA]


Acting Notes:

Each child gets to pick a character that they would like to act. Then the narrator/teacher reads the play once, like a short story, to the students without them acting. Then the second time it is read to them while they act out what they hear, like a skit, being read to them . The students are to remain quiet while they are acting out the skits.

Teachers and students can get creative when role playing what they hear being read.  Some suggestions on role play are included in the brackets. Feel free to get creative.