Seerah Skits is a great way to teach young children about the life of the Prophet Muhamamd(S) through role-playing. It is best used in groups and was originally designed for a Sunday School class.

Each child gets to pick a character that they would like to act. Then the narrator/teacher reads the play once, like a short story, to the students without them acting. Then the second time it is read to them they act out what they hear, like a skit, being read to them . The students are to remain quiet while they are acting out the skits.

Through role-playing the students will learn about the life of the Prophet Muhammad(S). Role playing has been proven to help students better understand, remember, and comprehend the story they are reading.

Make the Prophet Muhammad(S) your child’s Hero!

If you have any comments,questions,suggestions, or concerns please feel free to email: info@seerahskits.com