Review Questions

Childhood Review Questions

  1. Where was the Prophet(S) born?
  2. How did the Prophet (S) father die?
  3. What is the Islamic date that the Prophet (S) was born on?
  4. Who was the lady who the Prophet(S) went to live with so he could live in a better environment?
  5. How many years did he stay with her?
  6. How did his mother die? What was she going to visit?
  7. Who named the Prophet (S)?
  8. How old was the Prophet(S) when his grandfather died?
  9. Who took care of him after his grandfather had died?
  10. What was his grandfathers, mother, fathers, and uncles names?

Revelation Review Question

  1. What are some of the characteristics that the Prophet Muhammad(S) was known for before he received revelation ?
  2. Who did the Prophet Muhammad(S) marry ?
  3. How old was the Prophet Muhammad(S) and Khadija when they got married?
  4. Who did the Prophet Muhammad(S) and Khadija give their money to?
  5. Why did the Prophet Muhammad(S) start to go to Cave Hira ?
  6. How old was the Prophet Muhammad(S) when he received revelation ?
  7. What angel came to the Prophet Muhammad (S) ?
  8. What message did the Angel bring with him? What surah is this from?
  9. What did the Prophet Muhammad(S) do after the angel left?
  10. Who did Khadija and Prophet Muhammad(S) turn to and asked him about what happened?

Life in Mekkah Review Questions

  1. Who are some of the first people to accept Islam ?
  2. What is the relation of the first people to accept Islam to the Prophet Muhammad(S)? (ex. Khadija was his(S) wife)
  3. Who was the first person to die for Islam ?
  4. Why did the mulsims pray in secret for the frist 3 years ?
  5. Why did some of the muslims migrate to Ethopia ?
  6. What did the king do for them when they were in Ethopia?
  7. What was the King of Ethopias name?
  8. In what year did the muslims start to do open prayer ? Why?
  9. What did the Quraish do to the muslims to make their life miserable ?
  10. Why is the 10th year called the “year of sadness”?

Israa and Miraj Review Questions

  1. The prophet Muhammed (S) went on a night journey called?
  2. On this night journey he went to what mosque in Palestine?
  3. What did he lead all the Prophets in?
  4. Where did he go from Jerusalem?
  5. What angel did Allah send to bring the Prophet Muhammad(S) to the heavens?
  6. What is name the of the animal he travelled on?
  7. What is a description of the animal the Prophet Muhammad(S) travelled on?
  8. What did the Prophet Muhammed(S) learn in the heavens?
  9. How many prayers were we first commanded to pray? What was it reduced to after?

Migration to Madia Review Questions

  1. Why did the muslims migrate to Madina ?
  2. Who decided to kill the Prophet Muhammad(S) ?
  3. Who slept in the bed instead of the Prophet Muhammad(S)?
  4. How did the Prophet Muhammad(S) escape ?
  5. Who was waiting for him outside of his house?
  6. Which way did they take to Madina ?
  7. What was the cave they hid in called ?
  8. Why didn’t the people find them in the cave ?
  9. Who greeted the Prophet Muhammad (S) and Abu Bakr when they reached Madina ?
  10. How did they greet them?


Life in Madina Questions

  1. Why were people competing with each other?
  2. What did the Prophet(S) guide the people to do?
  3. Where did the camel stop?
  4. What was built on this land?
  5. Where did the prophet (S) live until his house was ready?
  6. What was also established with the construction of the Masjid?
  7. How was the call to prayer established?
  8. Who became the first Mu’azin?
  9. Who were the muhajereen paired with to live with?
  10. What did they share with the muhajereen?

Famous Battles Review Questions

  1. What are the three famous battles called ?
  2. Why did the Battle of Badr happen ?
  3. What happened in the Battle of Badr ?
  4. How many muslim and quraish soldiers were there in the Battle of Badr ?
  5. Who won the Battle of Badr? Why ?
  6. Why did the Battle of Uhud happen?
  7. Why did the muslims loose the Battle of Uhud?
  8. How many muslim and quraish soldiers were there in the Battle of Uhud ?
  9. What was the different strategy used for the Battle of the Ditch?
  10. What happened at the end of the Battle of the Ditch and who won?

Farawell Hajj and Final Year Review Questions

  1. Where did the Prophet Muhammad (S) and his companions march to and why ?
  2. What did they do on their trip there ?
  3. How old was the Prophet(S) when he died ?
  4. Where is the Prophet Muhammad(S) buried ?



Review Question Answers